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What do visitors look for?

Clean and Fresh Design. 

A cluttered site is overwhelming.  Lots of white space gives the reader an opportunity to read and take in what you want to tell them.  Simple images which complement each other are essential to a website that is appealing to visit.

Visitors want to know exactly what to do, how to contact you or how to order.  Make it simple for them to find out these things.

Easy to Find Information

What do you offer?  This needs to be expressed clearly on each page that your visitor sees.  Your home page needs a summary of what you offer with links to pages which provide more detailed specifics.

You need to have your contact information including your phone number and location.  This builds credibility and trustworthiness.  Pictures of your physical location will also help.

Is there a special offer for your visitor?  Make sure you communicate this clearly.  This can go a long way to converting a visitor to a customer.

Visitors want to know about you.

What do you offer?  Why should I choose you above someone else?  Can I get what I want now?

What’s your story?  I want to know about you.  Who is on your team and what do they do? I want to know who I’m purchasing from.

Be interesting and inspiring in the way you tell your story.  Write management bios that include experience, expertise, and what makes you unique.  Be clear and concise.  There’s nothing worse than wading through piles of information just to find out about who’s who in your business.

Then they also want to know what other people have to say about you and your business.  Testimonials, recognition, media clippings and case studies go a long way in validating your business in the eyes of a potential customer or client.


What do business owners want from their site?

Professional Image.

A website will cement your legitimacy as a business.  Customers expect a strong web presence from businesses.  If it’s not there, do they really exist?  You want your website to strengthen your branding.  You want it to be the first step in building a relationship with your new customers.

A professional image with a clean, compelling design is essential to business owners.  This new site needs to reflect who they and their business are.  It needs to convey the passion they have for the field they are in.

Simple Process

A business owner doesn’t want to handle or even know about the intricate details of their website.  They’re the big picture person.  They want someone to take the vision and look after all the details.  They also want the updating of the website to be stress free and straightforward.


What does Ebundant Online say about web design?

Develop Trust. 

You want your visitors to get to know you, to like you and to trust you.  If someone can relate to you or your business, they are more likely to make a purchase from you.

Powerful Tool.

A website can be so much more than an online catalogue or brochure.  We view web design in a holistic way.  It’s part of your overall marketing plan and when it’s done right it has the potential to be a powerful tool to be used extensively in your future marketing strategies. Ebundant Online knows the power of internet marketing and can work with you to prepare your digital strategy making the most of your web marketing.

Dedicated to quality and built with a passion to do our very best for you and your business, we do exactly what it requires to offer you the very best service, knowledge, and answers you need for your internet marketing requirements.

Strategic Planning

Providing local business an achievable entry point to have their own customized site up and running is among our main goals. Web design and production don’t need to be complicated and agonizing. We can take the pain out of getting your organisation online in an efficient and reliable manner.

We utilise specific calls to action, letting visitors to your website understand precisely what you offer and how go about contacting you, finding your physical address, or buying your product.

Strategic planning can make a website go from being just an adorable online pamphlet to much far more than that. It can be your online presence where you attract, motivate, and welcome brand-new clients to know about you, like you, and trust you enough to take the next action in being the consumer that you need.


How do people find your website?

It’s not very effective if your website is nowhere to be seen in the online search engines. You might have invested thousands in an extremely enticing web design, but if no one can find your online presence, that’s money wasted. Our professional team at Ebundant Online SEO agency will get your website developed and make sure it’s ranking in the online search engine.

Ebundant Online also specialise in optimising your organisation in Google My Business. This will help it be seen when prospective consumers search for services or products you supply.

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